Publish, Share and Present

When you embed a Graphext project into another site, the published version of your project will be inserted into your webpage using a HTML IFrame. This means that visitors to your site can interact and explore a project for themselves without leaving your page.

"What is a scientist after all? It is a curious person looking through a keyhole ... trying to know what's going on."

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Embed a Project

To embed a project, you need to publish your project. Then copy the published URL of the project and paste it into the src attribute of an HTML IFrame element. You can then adjust the width and height of the embedded project to fit your needs.

How to Embed a Project?

  1. Start from anywhere in your project.
  2. Make sure you are happy with the state of your project.
  3. Select 'Publish' from the right of the top menu bar.
  4. Enter a title for your published project.
  5. Make sure you are happy with the name of the author and the visibility of the publication date.
  6. Select what panels of your project to publish.
  7. Choose a layout design for your public project.
  8. Select 'Obtain Public URL'.
  9. Copy the public URL.
  10. Open the HTML IFrame snippet (attached).
  11. Paste in the public URL of your published project into the src="" attribute of the IFrame.
  12. Copy the whole IFrame code snippet.
  13. Paste it into the HTML code for your post or website.
  14. Adjust the height and width of the IFrame to suit your needs.
  15. Done ... the project will be embedded within your post or website.

Embedding Code Snippet

Use this HTML IFrame code snippet to embed a project within your website. Insert the URL of your published project into the 'src' attribute of the IFrame element.


Embedding Demo

The frame below demonstrates how an embedded Graphext project will appear on your site.

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