Software Limitations

Amount of projects for unlimited users: 60 projects/month per user
Amount of dataset for unlimited users:  60 datasets/month per user
Amount of Gb: up to 500Gb in total.
Dataset size in Gb: up to 3 Gb*
Variable or column limits: 200 columns or variables
Graphext project size limit (8Gb Ram computer)**:

  • Optimal usage: max 150,000 nodes
  • Operational limitation: max 350,000 nodes

Project creation from dataset: one dataset can have several projects, but one project can just have one source dataset originally.***

Functional Specifications

Data wrangling is limited to the following functions:

*Big projects can be processed without limitations, but the visualisation will be limited to the capabilities of the computer you are using.
**You can run projects with more 100,000 nodes fluently, but it will require 16Gb+ Ram computers.
*** Datasets cannot be joined in the tool.

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