After improving and releasing features for Tractor we have added several new features and major optimisations in Graphext that will enhance your user experience.

1.-  Analyse 10x more data faster than ever: Visualise up to 500k rows in Graphext.

2.- Data cleaning and project recreation have never been so simple:

Use the filters and delete the information from the project by simply selecting the categories to be deleted and pressing DELETE in the keyboard. Once deleted, a bin will appear on top and it will allow you create a new project with the cleaned data.

3.-  Trends has been completely redesigned to help you understand temporal patterns:

Try the new Trends section and customise your temporal charts and save them as insights.

4.-  Join or break your clusters on demand:

5.- Visualize your tweets or URLs in an instant by clicking on a node

6.- Significant terms will be displayed as a new column:

7.- Discover NAs or missing values in each of the variables using the bar underneath:

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