API Keys

In order to be able to use the image analysis for images we need to be provided with a Google Natural Language API key which has an extra cost for the customer for the user that will be billed separately by Google and it is 100% independent of the Graphext billing(for any doubts send an email to the Graphext team). More information about the cost can be found in the bottom of the Google Vision API page.

To obtain the Google Natural Language API and make it work with Graphext you need to follow the next steps:

1.- Avoid this step if you already have a Google Cloud Platform account Enter the Google Vision API webpage and click Probar Gratis or Try It Free and create your Google Cloud Platform account. It is essential to add the credit card details as the account needs to be authenticated. Once signed up this is the admin panel of your Google Cloud Platform.

2.- Enter in Google Cloud Platform. Click in crear proyecto or create a project:

3.- Enter the following link and click habilitar or enable to Activate Natural Language API:

4.- Once the API is enabled it is time to enter the following link, which is the credentials section in Google Cloud Platform.

Click crear credenciales or credentials and click clave de API or API Key:

You will get the API KEY which you will need to save to use it in Graphext every time you need to use the image API:

5.- Time to go to any project, click in new recipe or advance editor and try any of the functions that you can see in the photo below or in the documentation to improve sentiment analysis or to classify text.

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