API Keys

In order to be able to use the MediaCloud News Scraper we need to be provided with a MediaCloud API key which is limited to 20,000 links a week (even though we are experiencing that the API is retrieving more than those links).

To obtain the MediaCloud API and make it work with Graphext you need to follow the next steps:

1.- Enter the MediaCloud API key webpage and fill in the sign up form:

You will receive an email to your inbox which is essential that you accept it:

Click in the profile image on the top right side:

2.- You will now see your MediaCloud API Key, which you will need to scrap data from Tractor:

3.- Enter Tractor and choose News Scrape to obtain news from may sources. Copy and paste the previously obtained API Key in the Key field:

When doing the query use lower case to do the queries.

Limitations!!: If You are experiencing that the API is limiting your queries go back to the Mediacloud profile and reset the API Key which will give you a new API Key in exchange or create a new account to obtain a second API Key.

For doing advance queries check the following Query Guide

Enjoy analysing MediaCloud links with Graphext! (For any specific country or language request contact the Graphext Support Team and we will try to add to the list).

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