Import and Export Data

Somewhere, in a parallel universe ... there is only one format for data files. Here on Earth, Graphext supports a range of different file types.

Upload one of these kind of files to Graphext to begin your analysis.


CSV or comma-separated values files are delimited text files using commas to separate values. Each line of the file contains a data record. Each record contains one or more fields separated by commas. CSV column names are listed in the first line of files.


XLS or XLSX files are formats commonly used in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. These files store data in worksheets containing cells arranged as a grid of rows and columns. Like other file types you can upload these directly to Graphext.


JSON or JavaScript Object Notation files are primarily used for transmitting data between web applications and servers. They store data in a format similar to a JavaScript object or Python dictionary. You can upload JSON files directly to Graphext.


SAV files are typically used to save progress in video games but can also be used to store other kinds of data. SAV files are part of the SPSS Statistics File Format or SPSS family. Information in a SAV file is divided into a header, a sequence of tagged 'records' comprising a dictionary for the file and finally the data itself.


Data saved in the Graph Modelling Language format lets you import data already representing a graph or network. GML is a hierarchical ASCII-based file format for describing graphs.


You can also upload binary Apache Arrow files written in streaming mode to Graphext. Arrow files are defined as a language-independent columnar memory format for flat and hierarchical data.


ZIp files allow you to upload and concatenate multiple CSV files at once. You'll probably want all files in the archive to have the same structure (the same columns). If this is not the case, parts of the resulting table where a file didn't have a column that is present in other files will have missing values.

Need Something Different?

We know that data isn't always clean and simple.
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