Choosing the right analysis 

Instagram Posts are photos with a caption. We have specific analyses or “Recipes” for fours types of analysis: Text Analysis of the captions, Text Analysis of the Comments from a single post, Image Analysis of the Photos and User Bios Analysis.


Text analyses are centered in the captions or comments . Posts will be clustered by the content detected in the photo using natural language processing techniques.


Image analyses are centered in the photo of the posts. Posts will be clustered by the content detected in the photo using deep learning models. These models detect a set of labels associated to the photo, are we are able to group photos that are have similar labels an identify high level patters in them.

These analyses use the Google Vision API, so you will need to enter your an API token in the recipe. You can see check here how to obtain the Google Vision API.


To do this kind of analysis it is essential that you have scrapped the Instagram Data using our scrapper Tractor, using an external scrapper to scrap information from profiles Instacrapper. If the CSV comes from those sources it will automatically detect and offer you the possibility of creating a project with a recipe.


Identify patterns of photos that work well, or themes of photos associated to a hashtag or a location, analyze the comments from a single post or analyse specific profiles and label them to understand your audience.

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