1. Click on new project:

If you are starting your projects from "projects", you will need to click on "new project"

2.Click on "New Dataset"

You can obtain a dataset by using "Tractor" and uploading the CSV generated there or uploading a dataset of your choice.

3. Select your recipe or create a new one

When your datasets loads, you can select it and select one of Graphext's recipes or select the option "new recipe" for a custom analysis. Graphext will then ask you some questions to configure your project.

If you wish to view your dataset first, you can go to your datasets tab and select your recently uploaded dataset. As the datasets opens you will find the dataset in table layout.  

After selecting the pre-made recipe or configuring a new one, the Execute button will appear active.

4. Click on execute

By clicking on Execute you will confirm the recipe and a modal will appear asking you to name the project. By confirming Graphext will start the execution of the project.

Project execution will take time, that varies according the size of the dataset and the kind of recipe that was selected. Your project will now show on top of the project list.