What's new?

May 28, 2020

Graphext Release Update

🆕 New Features

We have released some great improvements that will make your lives easier.

1.- Completely redesigned experience with segmentations:

      - Possibility to create multiple segmentations.

      - http://help.graphext.com/en/articles/4088286-how-to-drill-down-into-data

      - Change the colour of clusters.

      - Use different reclustering at the same time.


2.- Usability improvements to use enrichment APIs:

      - Try the new Twitter API enrichment to add (following, follower, location data...) to the tweets coming from Tractor or elsewhere.

3.-  Save multiple compare charts at the same time as an  insight (saving as an insight button) and hide your wanted charts (using the three dots)

4.-  New recipe or Wizard recipe flows improvements:

      -   Now you can respond to Wizard questions and have the dataset at the left part.

     - We have added multiple new flows in the Wizard to help you create your recipes, now it is easier than ever to use enrichments, work with geospatial or website analytics data... (please, contact us via chat to learn more about any specific flow).

🔜 Coming Soon

1.- We will be adding little by little automatic insights to the projects created. We will be glad to hear feedback and happy to listen to your suggestions for automatic insights.

2.- We are soon introducing the first version to allow you to use Machine Learning Models and your own insights to predict new data.  (recurrent reports will become a piece of cake.

💬 Feedback and suggestions

  • What would you like us to prioritize in the roadmap? Please reach out to us via chat or email if you would like to comments about the product updates that we are releasing.
  • Let us know if you would like to have a meeting to check the new updates we released.

November 25, 2019

A faster and more powerful version of Graphext

🆕 New Features

After improving and releasing features for Tractor we have added several new features and major optimisations in Graphext that will enhance your user experience.

1.-  Analyse 10x more data faster than ever: Visualise up to 500k rows in Graphext.

2.- Data cleaning and project recreation have never been so simple:

Use the filters and delete the information from the project by simply selecting the categories to be deleted and pressing DELETE in the keyboard. Once deleted, a bin will appear on top and it will allow you create a new project with the cleaned data.

3.-  Trends has been completely redesigned to help you understand temporal patterns:

Try the new Trends section and customise your temporal charts and save them as insights.

4.-  Join or break your clusters on demand:

5.- Visualize your tweets or URLs in an instant by clicking on a node

6.- Significant terms will be displayed as a new column:

7.- Discover NAs or missing values in each of the variables using the bar underneath: