What's New?

October 5, 2022

October 5, 2022

New Features

Single Sign On for Enterprise Accounts

Now Enterprise Accounts will be able to improve the efficiency and security of employees' access. Remove access to our services directly from your internal server; no more need to create new accounts.

Usability Improvement: Node’s Neighbors Selection

Exploration will be easier whenever you want to explore the neighbor Nodes of your selection in Graph. We will keep all neighbor nodes visible regardless of your selection of a main initial node.

Improvements in Correlations Scores

In the Correlations Section, we have enhanced our model to showcase interrelationships with fewer signals required. This refinement translates into Score improvements, giving more value to Correlations.

Downloading the Original Dataset

Downloading your original dataset is now possible in all your projects! Simply select More Options - Download and never lose your original datasets again!

Fixes and Improvements

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