Other Analytics

General analytics to drive business impact

Product review analysis

Run NLP algorithms on product reviews to identify and analyse issues and concerns.

Online funnel analysis

Understand your customer’s online journey and conversion by key events.

Prediction model evaluation

Evaluate your prediction model to fine-tune your algorithm and optimize accuracy.

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Finding the 'Perfect' Sales Candidate Using Clustering and Prediction: Graphext and "The Sales Acceleration Formula"

Exploring how Graphext's data-driven approach might be used to identify the characteristics of successful salespeople.

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The Evolution of American Protests After the Death of George Floyd: COVID-19, BLM and the Election

2020 has been a turbulent year for every country but particularly in the USA. We clustered American protest events between May 24 - Nov 28, 2020 to investigate the relationships between types of protests, their violence and their geography.

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3 Mapas de Poder Político en España

Hoy publicamos en El País 3 grafos que representan 3 mapas de cómo están conectados en redes sociales los periodistas políticos, los diputados y las cuentas de Twitter políticas más relevantes en España.

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The Top Stories in 2020 According to Every Tweet from 38 UK News Publishers

We collected every tweet in 2020 from 38 UK news organisations to find out what the media have been reporting on. Then we visualised categories of tweets as trends to see what the British media landscape looked like throughout the year.

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