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JUNE 19, 2019

Apply data science to transform your marketing analytics

Join Ke and Max to discover best practices from world leading companies. This webinar is in English

MARCH 27, 2019

Machine Learning and Market Research

Join Victoriano and Asier and find out how the top digital marketing agencies use the most advanced ML techniques in their analysis. This webinar is in Spanish.

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Reverse Engineering Infamous Marketing Strategies from Innocent Drinks

Why are the social media strategies of Innocent Drinks considered as the gold standard for marketing teams the world over? We collected every tweet (10,521) posted by the communication department to deconstruct Innocent's content, style, reach and engagement with a simple topic analysis.

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How Aquaservice Use Graphext To Improve Their Prediction Models

We spoke to the data science team at Aquaservice about how they used Graphext to build a clustering model to improve the way they forecast consumer demand. Their project grouped delivery routes using over 30 factors to calculate similarity and exposed patterns in the errors made by their prediction models. Models that are responsible for forecasting the number of water bottles that should be loaded into trucks for delivery across a huge number of routes across Spain.

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What People Have Felt and Thought About The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

We collected every tweet published about the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) to study how people have engaged with events during the summit. Using topic analysis and emotion detection, our project dives into people's visceral reactions to agreements on deforestation, commitments between China and the USA and the appearance of Barack Obama.

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How to Perform Simple & Effective Customer Segmentation | A Walkthrough with Data from a Delicatessen

Customer segmentation involves splitting a customer base into distinct groups. These customer segments are defined by specific and shared characteristics, behaviours or preferences that help businesses to spot patterns and associate customers with one another. This article walks through the steps involved in a simple customer segmentation analysis. Using sales data from a delicatessen, we'll segment customers according to their buying preferences and behaviour. To achieve this, we'll use a powerful machine learning technique known as clustering.

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