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Exploratory Data Analysis

Graphext makes data exploration simple and interactive, enabling faster insights and better predictive models.

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Graphext for Exploratory Data Analysis Cycle

Incredibly Fast Root Cause Analysis

Exploratory Data Analysis

Make your data scientists and data analyts more autonomous and less dependent on data engineers. Let them explore customer data and ask ad-hoc questions independently.

Power, Guidance, Speed, Templates, Reproducibility & Automation

How Does Graphext Work?

Data to insights in just a few minutes.


Bring Data From Anywhere

Drag and drop datasets or pull data from databases & data warehouses into Graphext to begin spotting patterns. Immediately!


Explore Your Data

Graphext will automatically show you the distributions for each variable with cross-filtering and help you organize variables into groups. The Plot section will guide you to build the correct type of chart between any pair of variables. And the Graph section will allow you to explore multiple variables simultaneously using unsupervised clustering, text, or images. Graphext can also help you reshape your data with all the typical data wrangling functions and enrich the data with external sources and models.


Save Insights

Once you find something interesting to communicate, make a story with your data, you can save it straight from the Graphext interface and customize slides collaboratively. If someone wants to make a change to a chart, they can click play, recreate the insight and save it again.

Beyond Descriptive Analytics

From Exploration to Prediction

Add data science models without writing any code.


Create ML Models

Create and deploy powerful machine learning models on your data without writing any code. Use NLP algorithms, make predictions about values, cluster related data, and connect powerful machine learning APIs from Google or other providers.


Explainable Models

Create associations between similar data points and visualize them in a network. Explore hidden communities and drill down into their defining features with smart filters, guidance, and highlighted variables.

No Code Analytics

Data Science for Everyone.

Join the community and find powerful data insights with no code

Start Building

The Adaptable Data Analytics Solution

What Can Graphext Do For Your Business?

Handle, transform and analyze any kind of data. From unstructured text bundles; to financial datasets with missing values; to datasets packed with images - links - dates, or other value types.


Customer Analytics

Product Analytics

Survey Analysis

Text Analysis


Marketing & Advertising

Healthcare Analytics

Location Intelligence

Sports Analysis

and much more ...

Root Cause Analysis

Customer Segmentation

Predict Churn

Lead Scoring

Pricing Optimization

Optimize Models

Social Media Analysis

SEO Optimization

Customer Feedback

NPS Analysis

Analysis, News, Methods

Studies Worth Sharing.

The latest from the Graphext blog.

Menhir & Graphext: Analyzing the Intangible Value of Financial Assets

Working at the intersection of data science and finance, Menhir is using Graphext to understand the composition of financial portfolios, performing analysis that typically takes analysts between two and three weeks in just two days.

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Cómo el Congreso de los Diputados tuiteó durante el Estado de Alarma

Prácticamente todos los diputados del Congreso actual, la XIV legislatura, tienen cuenta en Twitter y gran parte de su trabajo consiste en leer y escribir tweets. Para bien o para mal, los políticos nunca han tenido más poder y facilidad para mandar directamente sus mensajes a los ciudadnos sin el filtro de la prensa. Analizamos las principales narrativas que cada partido movió. 

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Funnel Analysis and Network Visualisation with ING

Working with data from ING, we created a network visualization of how users navigate hundreds of web pages, correlating their navigation patterns with specific user profiles. 

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How to Look Good on Video Calls: Analyzing 1K Skype & Zoom rooms.

How do you look your best in a video call? Collecting almost 1000 reviews of video call backgrounds, we set out to find patterns in what makes people give off good or bad impressions.

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