What's New?

February 16, 2023

New Features

Improved possibilities in Plot

We have added the possibility to choose default aspect ratio options and customize the spacing between graph elements in the chosen plot. In heatmaps we added the option to choose the relative value by adding the percentage in the visualization.

Refresh your project data and know its update status

The process of importing and updating project data is easier with the ability to refresh your project data and know when it has been updated.

Discover new projects in Hall

Discover the new section and explore different projects in a more accessible way.

Fixes and Improvements

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January 24, 2023

We are pleased to announce the biggest improvement in creating and working with graphs in our Plot section. Most of the input you provided us was mainly on building features to improve graph creation and customization; therefore, the goals of this update were mainly focused on adding more types of visualizations and personalizing them to enrich your narrative and insights.

Summary of features


Personalize the chart type according to your data and communication needs. Add a title, subtitle, description, or footer to spotlight your insights.


Try using different themes and combine Graphext with other looks & feels in your documents.

What is next?

We are still working on more improvements, and we’ll soon add more types of charts. These are a few tasks we’re currently working on:

  • Control the spaces in the bar chart
  • Improve how to zoom your data
  • Scatterplot
  • Personalize themes to change color palettes.

New Features

01. New visualization types

Select a chart from an extended graph library according to your data.


Bar Chart

(NEW) Grouped Bar Chart

(NEW) Stacked Bar chart

(NEW) Stacked 100% Bar chart


Line Chart

Multiple Line Chart

(NEW) Segmented Line Chart

(NEW) Seasonal Decomposition


(NEW) Area Chart

Stacked Area Chart

(NEW) Stacked 100% Area Chart

(NEW) Segmented Area Chart


02. New customizables modes

We’ve also added a customization mode where you’ll find the following features:

  • Customize tab: Switch between similar visualizations, invert the graph’s orientation, change variables and their aggregations, enable or disable axis titles, and add a chart title, description, or footer to your chart.
  • Style tab: Adapt the appearance and info inside your graphs.
  • Annotations tab: add statistics and annotations to highlight the key insights found in your data.

Fixes and Improvements

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December 7, 2022

New Features

Improved flow of Create New Poject and Integrations

The new navigation flow makes it easier and more intuitive to create new projects in fewer steps and in a more intuitive way. At the same time integrations are now easier to configure, manage and reuse.

More flexible charts

Allows you to use quantitative columns on the X-axis in some charts where up to now only dates could be used. Segmented Overview, Compared Segments and Share.

Sorting heatmap

The heat map can now sort the X and Y axes when they are categorical, which helps to reveal hidden patterns in the visualization.

Keeping the order configuration

We maintain the order settings in the Data you change between sessions. Now, when you share a project with your team or your clients, they will be able to see the order you have used in the table during the analysis process.

Fixes and Improvements

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November 24, 2022

New Features

New Possibilities: Image Analysis for Social Media

We have implemented Hugging Face's CLIP vision and language model for image classification. For now, you will be able to use it through our new Image-Clustering Social Media Flow; but keep your eyes peeled for our future updates. You may find more possibilities very soon!

Improved Navigation with the New Home

The new Home tab will improve navigation by showcasing your most Recent Projects as well as a series of recommended Projects from Public to explore.

Wizard Projects

Wizard will now disable unavailable options for your dataset instead of hiding them. We will also provide an explanation for the disablement of that option for the given dataset. This way, we aim to contribute to a broader understanding of all exploratory options and Graphext usecases.

Fixes and Improvements

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved design for Projects and New Project cards
  • We will now provide the Creation Date for a Team
  • Improved usability by naming your Integrations before creating them

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October 15, 2022

New Features

Public IPs for Integrations

Graphext now provides you with an IP to access your database; simply authorize them ( and and access your databases securely and privately!

New Hall Layout

We have improved usability, with the new display of our Teams Bar and Integrations Bar, that make your exploration effortless.

Fixes and Improvements

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October 5, 2022

New Features

Single Sign On for Enterprise Accounts

Now Enterprise Accounts will be able to improve the efficiency and security of employees' access. Remove access to our services directly from your internal server; no more need to create new accounts.

Usability Improvement: Node’s Neighbors Selection

Exploration will be easier whenever you want to explore the neighbor Nodes of your selection in Graph. We will keep all neighbor nodes visible regardless of your selection of a main initial node.

Improvements in Correlations Scores

In the Correlations Section, we have enhanced our model to showcase interrelationships with fewer signals required. This refinement translates into Score improvements, giving more value to Correlations.

Downloading the Original Dataset

Downloading your original dataset is now possible in all your projects! Simply select More Options - Download and never lose your original datasets again!

Fixes and Improvements

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September 30, 2022

New Features

Fixes and Improvements

Overwrite: Fluid Project Iteration

Overwrite will now be the default option when you update a Project. If you want to save it separately, use the drop-down button and select Execute as New. This shift focuses on iterating over a project without adding to the clutter**.**

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September 26, 2022

New Features

Graphext Plans

We are happy to present the Graphext Pricing Plans. You can now upgrade your capabilities whenever you need them directly from our site and get started with your projects in a matter of minutes.

Fixes and Improvements

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