36 Data Podcasts to Follow in 2022

December 20, 2021
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Victoriano Izquierdo
Victoriano Izquierdo

The world of data podcasting has become as varied as the input parameters to a Linear Regression model. From household names like Freakonomics to less known up-and-comers like Big Data Beard, data professionals are sitting up from their computers to talk about business, the future of AI, data in the real world and much more ... if you know where to look.

We’re pretty keen on podcasts and data science - in case you didn’t know already - so we’ve curated a detailed list of the best data science podcasts to follow in 2022. Here it is inside an Airtable!

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The Highlights

01. Freakonomics

Data Stories in the Real World

We love this podcast. A spin-off from the 2005 Freakonomics book from Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, Freakonomics Radio (hosted by Dubner) is a weekly show using data, expert interviews and a strong dose of scepticism to expose "the hidden side of everything". After 10 years on air, the show is now one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

In one of our favourite episodes, Dubner and Levitt talk about how revolutionary would be to get rid of the “geometry sandwich” and instead have kids learn what they really need in the modern era: data fluency. Specifically, they discuss the Intro to Data Science initiative geared towards promoting data science over algebra & calculus in American classrooms.

America’s Math Curriculum Doesn’t Add Up

02. Data Stories

Data Visualisation

One of the longest running data podcasts we listen to, Data Stories started podcasting before it became cool. The hosts Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner are both well respected data visualization researchers but also work on freelance data science projects. They always attend the IEEE VIS conference (an event at the forefront of data vis academia) and we find episodes like this one a useful way to hear about conference highlights.

Generally structured around interviews with other data vis professionals, Data Stories offers the best way to keep up to date with developments in the data vis field. We also love to see Europeans collaborating with one another.

Highlights from IEEE VIS'20 with Miriah Meyer and Danielle Szafir

03. Analytics Hour

Data Analytics in Business

Both informal and philosophical, the tone of the Analytics Hour podcast feels like a chat between friends at a bar but hosts Moe, Tim and Michael know their stuff about data analytics in business - even after a few pints. From baseball analysis projects to discussions about teamwork inside data teams, each episode of the Analytics Hour looks at a different perspective on how ‘data’ fits in with modern business.

In Episode #178 The Modern Dashboard Dilemma, the hosts debate whether the modern data stack has outgrown dashboards - a topic close that is close to our hearts. Don't miss the team's adaptation of American Pie ... “a long, long time ago. We can still remember… when the dashboards used to make us smile.”

The Modern Dashboard Dilemma

04. Practical AI

AI & ML Research

This is one of our favourite podcasts discussing the latest developments in machine learning and AI. Positioned at the forefront of data science research, Practical AI brings together students, academics and technology professionals to talk about recent advances in the data sphere but always with an emphasis on placing theory in real-world contexts. Dive in to learn more about Hugging Face, zero-shot classification or vector databases

In this episode hosts Daniel and Chris are joined by Lucy D’Agostine McGowan to talk about causal inference. They address how we interact with, analyze, trust, and interpret data through the - very important - lens of current events including misreporting of COVID-19 data in Georgia.

A casual conversation concerning causal inference

05. The Analytics Engineering Podcast

Data Engineering

Conversations with data practitioners inventing the future of analytics engineering. This podcast is produced by DBT, a company behind the popular data engineering open-source tool of the same name - pssst it’s great ... we use it internally for data modelling. Tristan, one of the hosts (and CEO of dbt labs) is a visionary in the data space and is lucky enough to interview lots of talented data professionals like Brittany Bennett and Seth Rosen.

In Ep 9Julia and Tristan talk to Benn Stancil of Mode Analytics about the Modern Data Stack - is it a real thing or just marketing buzz?

‍Friday Night (Data) Fights w/ Benn Stancil of Mode Analytics

06. Data Engineering Podcast

Data Engineering

Another great podcast about data engineering, the Data Engineering Podcast tackles a new approach to data management every week. Hosted by Tobias Macey, the show aims to give an inside perspective via tools, tips and tricks of the trade to data scientists, engineers and analysts looking to grow their career.

In this episode, Macey digs into data driven business processes with Randy Bean. The pair cut the small talk and jump straight into how they have defined and executed meaningful data strategies throughout their careers.

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