19 Data Newsletters to Read in 2022

January 5, 2022
Data News
Victoriano Izquierdo
Victoriano Izquierdo

Newsletters are becoming a popular way to distil news, events and tips as the data landscape becomes busier and busier! These are the kind of emails we love to receive because they help us to stay ahead of the game ... and they are all about data. As well as data newsletters created for business analysts - The Modern Data Stack shares resources, opportunities and tools (we are very proud to have featured) - there are series geared towards data science and AI developments such as The Batch.

We’re pretty keen on reading news about data - in case you didn’t know already - so we’ve curated a detailed list of the best data newsletters to follow in 2022. Here it is inside an Airtable!

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The Highlights

01. Blef Newsletter

Data Engineering & More

Made by Christophe Blefari, a French data engineer, blef.fr is a newsletter about ... data engineering. But it also digs into the best bits of data analytics more generally. It’s very good at summarizing news from the data analytics/engineering industry covering funding and highlights of new data conferences, top picks from thought leadership articles as well as some passionate insights from Christophe himself.

What we really like about blef.fr is its mix of news & opinion. In one newsletter - like this one for instance - you can get highlights + commentary about the dbt Coalesce 2021 conference, funding news and new article highlights.

Data New — dbt Coalesce 2021 Takeaways

02. The Modern Data Stack Newsletter

Data Analytics in Business

Not just your average newsletter, The Modern Data Stack is a resource bank, directory and aggregation platform for news surrounding the data analytics industry. Similar to blef.fr but with more focus on job opportunities, exciting companies, tools, conferences and advancements in the modern data stack.

We find the MDS directory absolutely essential reading for any data professional wanting to stay on-trend and in the know. Their newsletter essentially communicates the best bits from across their platform. Start here for 2022.

Modern Data Stack - Newsletter #15

03. Data Elixir

AI & ML Research

An amazing curation of links about data science and well-loved by us. Data Elixir has over 40K subscribers and works really well because of its emphasis on educational data science content plus industry developments.

There’s plenty of material to get through for people interested in machine learning and AI. This issue is a good place to start and covers new python libraries, a new Jupyter tool, a salary report and an accessible machine learning #101 tutorial.

Data Elixir - Issue 355

04. Your Guide to AI

AI & ML Research

Your Guide to AI is a monthly digest of geopolitics, research, and startups all through the lens of artificial intelligence. Written and maintained by Nathan Benaich of Air Street Capital, this is a knowledge-rich newsletter. Although not currently active, there is a huge amount of material to explore here.

This issue is one of the newsletter’s showstoppers. It’s an amazing and comprehensive report on the State of AI in 2021 stretching from groundbreaking research to businesses actually developing or investing in this technology. Here’s the director's cut posted on Nathan’s Twitter.

State of AI Report 2022

05. Benn Stancil

We’ve mentioned Benn Stancil already here in our round-up of 35 data podcasts to watch out for in 2022 but it’s worth stopping again to mention his newsletter. Benn is the founder of Mode and has been around the data industry’s blogging circuit but his - relatively new - newsletter offers fantastic insights about building a modern BI tool.

Benn writes about things he is passionate about; “data with data, plus some stuff on technology, culture, sports and politics”. What we really love about it is Benn’s honest and engaging writing style - as seen in this post Does Data Make Us Cowards. This - plus his knowledge of the data industry - captures our attention pretty much every time!

Does data make us cowards?

If podcasts are more your thing, check out our post on 35 Data Podcasts to Follow in 2022.

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