22 Data YouTubers + Streamers to Watch in 2022

January 10, 2022
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Victoriano Izquierdo
Victoriano Izquierdo

Youtube, Twitch and other streaming platforms are full of data professionals sharing hacks, tutorials and stories of their working life. As well as content geared towards people starting out with data analysis - like Reuven Lerner covering essential Python tips and walkthroughs - there are videos posted by data Youtubers and streamers that debate topics at the forefront of data science research - Cassie Kozyrkov for instance.

We’re pretty happy to see data people talking about the challenges they face, their projects and sharing knowledge and expertise so we’ve curated a detailed list of the best data streamers + youtubers to follow in 2022. Here it is inside an Airtable!‍

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The Highlights

01. Nick Wan

Data Science Projects & Walkthroughs

Nick can mainly be found on Twitch and stepped up his streaming game after the success of the live SLICED! data science competitions he organizes with Meg Risdal. For those of us interested in sports analytics, he is now working as director of analytics for the Cincinnati Reds and often talks about his experience working with the MLB team. He’s previously worked as a data scientist for KFC and is a funny, insightful and all-round fantastic communicator!

This article is a great introduction to SLICED! and a nice way to glimpse at what Nick is all about and this highlight focuses on one of the more dramatic moments of the competition. In more videos, you can expect live analysis and walkthroughs as well as top picks from recent data science news.

02. Ken Jee (Ken’s Nearest Neighbours)

Data Science in the Real World

Ken is incredibly passionate about the data space and is known for giving good advice on learning data science as well as hosting great interviews with a wide range of data professionals. He has great walkthroughs on building data science projects from scratch and is always looking to help people looking to start out as data scientists . Also ... Ken’s a big basketball fan so there’s plenty of captivating analysis about the NBA as well as some candid shots of Ken shooting hoops himself!

In this video, Ken looks through a bunch of data scientist resumes with Tina Huang. It is an incredibly useful and detailed guide of what aspects of your portfolio to highlight in job applications and the pair provide a wealth of tips and suggestions.‍

03. Anastasia K

Data Science & Lifestyle

Based in Stockholm, Anastasia K is a Russian data scientist working for Spotify. Through her videos, she reveals a great picture of life as a young data scientist working for an internet giant. Anastasia works on extremely cool projects and has a natural talent for producing engaging videos. As well as talking about data science, she interviews people and offers some well-rounded lifestyle tips too!

This video is a good starting point for Anastasia’s channel and we really like how she distills what it means to be a product data scientist. Specifically she talks through the types of meetings they have, the work that is involved and the kind of datasets product data scientists work with.

04. Seattle Data Guy

Data Engineering

Run by Ben Rogojan, a data engineer who just hung up his Facebook hoodies, the Seattle Data Guy is a masterclass on pretty much everything about engineering data. We think Ben is a great communicator and he is able draws on his Silicon Valley experience to offer some really straightforward insights and commentary about data engineering that would be relevant to pretty much everyone we can think of in the data space.

If you don’t know loads about data engineering, this video is a great place to start. Ben goes through a day in the life of a data engineer, covering topics like building pipelines, maintaining code bases and the kind of meetings he was involved in at Facebook.

05. Dot CSV

An incredibly engaging content creator, Carlos Santana is probably the best YouTuber communicating about AI research in Spanish. He is completely dedicated to creating simple videos that explain complex data science ideas underpinning academic papers and wants to make this information accessible to everyone. Check this one out on Transformers for instance.

We aren’t biased at all ... but Carlos is a big fan of Graphext and has hit more than 500K subscribers already. His projects are extremely cool and the work he puts in to make all of his videos engaging is seriously impressive. In this one, he simulates PAC-MAN using a neural network.

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