How Spanish Politicians and the Media are Connected

April 8, 2020
Short Studies
Victoriano Izquierdo
Victoriano Izquierdo

In 2017, at Graphext, we analysed the Spanish political community and how are they related with the most important media. We extracted the politicians contained in each political party list and mapped their Twitter accounts. Then we observed the 953 Twitter profiles and how are they related to each other to get the big picture, seeing in a very fast way the communities, affinities, positions and influences between all of them in the following network.

We clearly see in the center of the network a little community formed by the media, surrounded by four big communities of politicians. At the top, in orange, is the community formed by Ciudadanos, with Albert Rivera being the most important node there. Looking to the right we can se in blue the PP community with their leader Mariano Rajoy, and very close to La Razón and ABC.

At the south we all the PSOE politicians in red, closer to Público, Cadena Ser or El País. Finally, to  finish the circle, there is the purple community formed by Podemos politicians, with Pablo Iglesias leading all them and closer to some media like  El Diario or again Público.


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