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November 15, 2023
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Mario Araujo
Mario Araujo

Notion took over the workspace stack by storm and the community is loving it. There are over 3000 work-related templates in the gallery, spanning areas like product, marketing, design and engineering.

The Graphext Notion integration now enables teams working on the platform to use all their product planning and user research data to generate performance reports, qualitative research reports, and detailed user segment reports. It's like having a data scientist as a sidekick.

Team Performance Reporting and Insights

Build velocity charts, time tracking reports, and sprint review reports by connecting your Notion product database to Graphext. Use it to have fresh insights ready for all your next meetings.

Managers can also benefit from more accurate and predictable planning while enabling their team to stay on top of their performance in order to improve productivity.

User Segmentation Reports

Teams that are using a Notion database to collect various user attributes can now automatically uncover all the different user segments. This is made possible by the automatic clustering capabilities of Graphext.

This is great for teams to be able to make more informed decisions about what features or campaigns to refine or prioritize based on user personas. It will also help surface information that you might be looking for, like new ideal customer profiles.

Automatic Topic Clustering and Analysis of User Interviews

Connect your Notion database, where the team keeps notes from user interviews or open-text survey answers, to automatically cluster the most frequently mentioned topics. Cross-reference these with other available user attributes, such as user or company information.

Use this information to create stronger cases for improvement opportunities that derive straight from the voice of the customer.

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Don't wait to start leveraging your product and user data for better decision-making. Sign up for a free Graphext account today and work towards becoming a data driven team. Turn your Notion boards and databases into powerful tools for insight and analysis. We're excited to see what you'll achieve and very much open to get your feedback.


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