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June 15, 2023
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Allysa Arocha
Allysa Arocha

Heyo! As the world of data keeps changing at lightning speed, it's super important to stay in the loop with the latest trends and insights, whether you're seasoned data scientist or just really into this stuff. That's why we've put together this guide with a hand-picked collection of content from different mediums. We've got something for everyone, whether you're into watching videos, listening to podcasts, or reading newsletters. Let's dive into the best YouTubers, streamers, podcasts, and newsletters to follow in 2023 for juicy data science content.

Data YouTubers and Streamers to Watch

Check out these awesome YouTubers and streamers who are all about data science, data visualizations, AI and more! They've got some seriously cool and informative content that can level up your data skills. Whether you're into tutorials or data analysis demos, these creators have got you covered. So, without further ado, here are a few standout data YouTubers and streamers you should definitely keep an eye on in 2023:

  • Nick Wan: Nick organizes the live SLICED! data science competitions on Twitch and is the director of analytics for the Cincinnati Reds. He shares his experience working with the MLB team and previously worked as a data scientist for KFC.
  • Ken Jee: Ken is passionate about the data space and offers advice on learning data science. He conducts interviews with various data professionals and provides walkthroughs on building data science projects from scratch. He is also a basketball fan and incorporates NBA analysis into his content.
  • Anastasia K: Anastasia is a data scientist working for Spotify. She shares insights into life as a young data scientist at an internet giant. Anastasia discusses data science projects, interviews people, and provides lifestyle tips in her videos.
  • Seattle Data Guy: Run by Ben Rogojan, a former data engineer at Facebook, this channel covers various aspects of data engineering. Ben draws on his Silicon Valley experience to offer straightforward insights and commentary on topics like building pipelines and maintaining code bases.
  • Dot CSV: Carlos Santana is a Spanish-speaking YouTuber dedicated to communicating about AI research. He simplifies complex data science ideas from academic papers and aims to make this information accessible to everyone. Carlos has a significant following and creates engaging videos, such as simulating PAC-MAN using a neural network.

Get the complete list of Youtubers and Streamers here

Get Ahead of the Curve with these 20 Data Science Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage when it comes to learning and keeping up with what's hot in the industry. So, get ready to plug in your headphones and tune in to these awesome data podcasts. We've got a whopping 20 podcasts on our list that cover everything from data science and analytics to AI and beyond. These podcasts feature super cool interviews with experts, juicy discussions on the latest tech trends, and practical tips to make the most of your data. Trust us, you won't want to miss these noteworthy data podcasts in 2023!

  • Freakonomics Radio: Hosted by Stephen Dubner, this podcast uses data, expert interviews, and skepticism to explore “the hidden side of everything.” In one episode, Dubner and Steven Levitt discuss the potential benefits of replacing traditional math curriculum with data fluency in American classrooms.
  • Data Stories: Hosted by Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner, this podcast focuses on data visualization. The hosts, who are respected data visualization researchers, share insights and conference highlights from events such as IEEE VIS.
  • Analytics Hour: Hosted by Moe, Tim, and Michael, this podcast takes an informal and philosophical approach to data analytics in business. The hosts discuss various perspectives on how data fits into modern business, including baseball analysis projects and teamwork within data teams. In one episode, they debate whether the modern data stack has outgrown dashboards.
  • Practical AI: This podcast discusses the latest developments in machine learning and AI, emphasizing the application of theory in real-world contexts. Hosts Daniel and Chris, along with guest Lucy D’Agostine McGowan, explore causal inference and its relevance to current events, including the misreporting of COVID-19 data in Georgia.
  • The Analytics Engineering Podcast: Produced by DBT, the company behind the data engineering tool of the same name, this podcast features conversations with data practitioners shaping the future of analytics engineering. In one episode, the hosts interview Benn Stancil from Mode Analytics to discuss the “Modern Data Stack” and its significance.
  • Data Engineering Podcast: Hosted by Tobias Macey, this podcast covers various approaches to data management. In an episode featuring Randy Bean, they delve into data-driven business processes and share insights on defining and executing meaningful data strategies.

Check out the rest of the top 20 Data Podcasts here:

Stay in the Know with these Data Newsletters

Newsletters are like your personal data industry insiders, bringing you all the important stuff in a concise and curated format. So, forget about sifting through endless articles and let these awesome data newsletters deliver the goods straight to your inbox! They cover a wide range of topics, from cool data analysis techniques to the latest industry news and mind-blowing insights. Get ready to stay informed, inspired, and never miss a beat with these must-read data newsletters in 2023!

  • Blef Newsletter: Created by Christophe Blefari, this newsletter focuses on data engineering and also covers highlights of data analytics. It provides summaries of news from the data analytics/engineering industry, including funding updates, highlights from conferences, and thought leadership articles. The newsletter offers a mix of news and opinion, providing insights from Christophe himself.
  • The Modern Data Stack Newsletter: This resourceful newsletter serves as a directory and aggregation platform for news related to the data analytics industry. It emphasizes job opportunities, exciting companies, tools, conferences, and advancements in the modern data stack. The newsletter communicates the best bits from the platform, making it essential reading for data professionals.
  • Data Elixir: With over 40K subscribers, Data Elixir curates links about data science and focuses on educational content and industry developments. It covers a range of topics in machine learning and AI, featuring new Python libraries, Jupyter tools, salary reports, and accessible machine learning tutorials.
  • Your Guide to AI: This monthly digest, curated by Nathan Benaich of Air Street Capital, explores geopolitics, research, and startups through the lens of artificial intelligence. Although currently not active, the newsletter provides a wealth of material. One notable issue is a comprehensive report on the State of AI in 2021, covering groundbreaking research and businesses involved in AI development and investment.
  • Benn Stancil: Benn Stancil, the founder of Mode, shares insights in his newsletter about building a modern business intelligence (BI) tool. His newsletter covers topics he is passionate about, including data, technology, culture, sports, and politics. Benn’s engaging writing style and knowledge of the data industry make his newsletter captivating.

Here are the rest of the top data science newsletters: 

In the wild and wonderful world of data, it's super important to have a wide range of info sources at your fingertips. So, in this guide, we've gone deep into the realms of YouTubers, streamers, podcasts, and newsletters that will level up your knowledge of all things data in 2023. Whether you're into watching videos, listening to discussions, or getting quick updates, these resources are sure to be of use. They've got insights from the top experts in the field, so start following these awesome content creators and get ready to stay ahead in the thrilling world of data!


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