What's New?

May 16, 2023

New Project Navigation Menu!

We've reimagined our project navigation menu! The implementation is driven by our desire to seamlessly incorporate the latest functionalities and features, while ensuring that we maintain our core essence of cleanliness and simplicity, to help you move through the platform faster and more efficiently. With the addition of customizable pinned tabs, shortcuts, and easy access to helpful sections like our Wizard, you'll be able to navigate Graphext like a pro.

What does this mean for you?

Pin your favorite sections

Now you can pin and unpin sections from the navigation menu. This feature allows you to select the most relevant sections for your analysis, reducing clutter and improving the user experience when sharing the project with others. Pinning sections helps others to know where to focus, and helps you to move faster when doing the analysis.

Easier access to the wizard

The Wizard section is now directly accessible from the navigation, making it easier to use. As you may already know, the Wizard allows you to perform various types of analysis without requiring deep technical knowledge. You can build a predictive model, apply a clustering algorithm, perform different types of text analysis, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts

We have implemented keyboard shortcuts in our product to help you navigate more easily and efficiently between sections. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly move from one section to another without having to use your mouse. In certain situations, when you need more speed and have a clear idea of what you want to do, this can save you time and make your overall experience more convenient.

Stay tuned & happy analysing!

With love, the Graphext team 💙

May 16, 2023

10s of Millions of Rows, Faster Loading Times

We're very excited to share the most significant release in our product's history!

After a few months of hard work and ~2720 cups of ☕️, we're happy to let you know that you can now work with much larger datasets. Not only that, but Graphext got way faster - 8x faster.

Why embark on such an ambitious refactor?

As our user base continues to grow and your needs become more diverse and complex, we want to ensure that our product remains agile, scalable, and responsive to your ever-evolving requirements. This refactor enables us to lay a solid foundation for future updates and enhancements that will take your data science capabilities to new heights.

What does this mean to you?

Loading Times are 8x Faster

We have significantly improved project loading times, with the enhancement becoming more noticeable as dataset sizes increase. You can now experience time reductions of up to 8x, making your larger data projects load much faster than before. 

Datasets With Tens of Millions of Rows

You can now analyze datasets containing tens of millions of rows while improving the performance. We've pushed the boundaries by testing this with datasets containing over 35 million rows, and we still haven't reached the limit. Go ahead and experience firsthand, the enhancements with this project that includes four months of NYC Taxi trips, a dataset with more than 10 million rows. Explore project

What’s the magic behind Graphext?

Memory optimizations

All datasets are now compressed in memory during runtime. We've developed a custom compression algorithm based on the bitpacking technique that allows for random access with single-value granularity, without the need to uncompress the entire dataset or even blocks of it, while keeping overhead to a minimum.

We're now using more memory-efficient helper data structures for things like caching filters.

Performance optimizations

We now take advantage of the multiple cores available in modern CPUs to speed up processing and let the browser main thread do its job, updating the UI without computation blocking it.

Optimizations coming soon

We will use SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) instructions. They enable parallel processing of data, allowing for improved performance and faster computations. By performing the same operation on multiple data points simultaneously, SIMD instructions can significantly speed up tasks such as multimedia processing, graphics rendering, and scientific simulations, making your programs more efficient and responsive.

Soon you will have more news from us. New cool features are coming up in the next few days. 

Stay tuned & happy analyzing!

With love, the Graphext team 💙

February 16, 2023

Refresh your project & Improved possibilities in Plot

More customization for Plot

We have added the possibility to choose default aspect ratio options and customize the spacing between graph elements in the chosen plot. In heatmaps we added the option to choose the relative value by adding the percentage in the visualization. 

Refresh your project data and know its updated status

The process of importing and updating project data is easier with the ability to refresh your project data and know when it has been updated.

Discover new projects in Hall.

Discover the new section and explore different projects in a more accessible way.

January 24, 2023

New Plot!

We are pleased to announce the biggest improvement in creating and working with graphs in our Plot section. Most of the input you provided us was mainly on building features to improve graph creation and customization; therefore, the goals of this update were mainly focused on adding more types of visualizations and personalizing them to enrich your narrative and insights.

Summary of features

We are pleased to announce the biggest improvement in creating and working with graphs in our Plot section. Most of the input you provided us was mainly on building features to improve graph creation and customization; therefore, the goals of this update were mainly focused on adding more types of visualizations and personalizing them to enrich your narrative and insights.


Personalize the chart type according to your data and communication needs. Add a title, subtitle, description, or footer to spotlight your insights.


Try using different themes and combine Graphext with other looks & feels in your documents.

What is next?

We are still working on more improvements, and we’ll soon add more types of charts. These are a few tasks we’re currently working on:

  • Control the spaces in the bar chart
  • Improve how to zoom your data
  • Scatterplot
  • Personalize themes to change color palettes.

New visualization types

Select a chart from an extended graph library according to your data.


Bar Chart

(NEW) Grouped Bar Chart

(NEW) Stacked Bar chart

(NEW) Stacked 100% Bar chart


Line Chart

Multiple Line Chart

(NEW) Segmented Line Chart

(NEW) Seasonal Decomposition


(NEW) Area Chart

Stacked Area Chart

(NEW) Stacked 100% Area Chart

(NEW) Segmented Area Chart



New customizables modes

We’ve also added a customization mode where you’ll find the following features:

  • Customize tab: Switch between similar visualizations, invert the graph’s orientation, change variables and their aggregations, enable or disable axis titles, and add a chart title, description, or footer to your chart.
  • Style tab: Adapt the appearance and info inside your graphs.
  • Annotations tab: add statistics and annotations to highlight the key insights found in your data.

December 7, 2022

New create project & Flexible charts

Product Update: New create project & Flexible charts

Improved flow of Create New Poject and Integrations

The new navigation flow makes it easier and more intuitive to create new projects in fewer steps and in a more intuitive way. At the same time integrations are now easier to configure, manage and reuse.

More flexible charts

Allows you to use quantitative columns on the X-axis in some charts where up to now only dates could be used. Segmented Overview, Compared Segments and Share.

Sorting heatmap

The heat map can now sort the X and Y axes when they are categorical, which helps to reveal hidden patterns in the visualization.

Keeping the order configuration

We maintain the order settings in the Data you change between sessions. Now, when you share a project with your team or your clients, they will be able to see the order you have used in the table during the analysis process.

November 24, 2022

Hugging Face's CLIP  & Wizard Improvement

Product Update: Hugging Face's CLIP  & Wizard Improvement

Hugging Face's CLIP vision and language model

We have implemented Hugging Face's CLIP vision and language model for image classification. For now, you will be able to use it through our new Image-Clustering Social Media Flow; but keep your eyes peeled for our future updates. You may find more possibilities very soon!

October 15, 2022

Public IPs for Integrations & New Hall Layout

Product Update: Public IPs for Integrations & New Hall Layout

Public IPs for Integrations

Graphext now provides you with an IP to access your database; simply authorize them ( and and access your databases securely and privately!

New Hall Layout

We have improved usability, with the new display of our Teams Bar and Integrations Bar, that make your exploration effortless.

October 5, 2022

SSO, Correlation Scores & Dataset Download

Product Update: SSO, Correlation Scores  & Dataset Download

Single Sign On for Enterprise Accounts

Now Enterprise Accounts will be able to improve the efficiency and security of employees' access. Remove access to our services directly from your internal server; no more need to create new accounts.

Downloading the Original Dataset

Downloading your original dataset is now possible in all your projects! Simply select More Options - Download and never lose your original datasets again!

Fixes and Improvements

  • Node’s Neighbors Selection

    Exploration will be easier whenever you want to explore the neighbour Nodes of your selection in Graph. We will keep all neighbor nodes visible regardless of your selection of a main initial node.

  • Improvements in Correlations Scores

    In the Correlations Section, we have enhanced our model to showcase interrelationships with fewer signals required. This refinement translates into Score improvements, giving more value to Correlations.