February 15, 2024

Add Value Labels in Plot

Dear Graphext Users,

Value Labels are here to make your data visualizations shine! Now, you will be able to add informative labels to your plots, bringing clarity and insight to every visualization even when exporting outside of Graphext.

📊 Flexible Functionality:

With Value Labels, you're in control. This feature allows you to customize how your data is displayed. Whether you want to showcase total numbers, relative percentages, or specific values for each segment, Value Labels have you covered. Plus, you can choose the position of your labels - inside or outside the bars - to suit your preference and presentation style.

🔍 Supported Plot Types:

Value Labels are available across a range of plot types, including:

  • Bar Plots
  • Boxplots
  • Heatmaps
  • Scatter Plots

No matter what type of data you're working with, Value Labels make it easier than ever to communicate key insights and trends effectively.

📈 Easier Exporting, Clearer Insights:

Value Labels make exporting static charts much more powerful. When you export your visualizations, your carefully chosen labels will stay put, ensuring that your insights are crystal clear even outside of the Graphext platform.

The Graphext Team 💙