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Discover Insights by uploading your data and choosing from our built-in models.

Harness the power of our NLP algorithms to swiftly extract intricate language attributes, such as sentiment, significant terms, and adjectives.

    With Graphext, you're not just playing the game; you're leading it.

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    Discover Hidden Insights Beyond Ordinary Reach

    Develop any Type of Analysis
    Put your analytical prowess to work with our no-code text analysis tool. Uncover valuable insights from NPS, reviews, surveys, Tweets, VoC, and support interactions.
    Understand the Reasons
    Harness the potential of robust and versatile built-in Hugging Face algorithms and deploy them in a flash.
    Collaborate with Stakeholders
    Share your analysis with your team or clients from the interface with interactive data visualizations or simply download them for easy sharing.

    Why Choose Graphext for Text Analysis?

    Hugging Face Models
    Create embeddings for unsupervised clustering, do zero-shot classification, and sentiment analysis classification.
    Exploratory Data Analysis
    Explore patterns between quantitative and qualitative variables and find hidden relationships.
    Data Enrichment Included
    Analyze text sentiment, emotions, group similar semantics, and infer the language.

    Text Analysis Ready in a Few Steps

    01. Upload or Connect your Data
    Upload your files, or connect with data sources like BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, or others.
    02. Choose the Analysis Type
    Select your preferred text analysis type: topics, keywords, word co-occurrence, or across multiple text columns.
    03. Discover Insights
    Use our user-friendly interface to uncover insights. Seamlessly save and share your findings with your team and clients.

    See it in Action

    Initiate a deep analysis of your written content.

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