Lead Scoring

Maximize Your Sales Team's Focus on High-Potential Leads

Graphext helps sales teams reach out to the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

  • Predicts which combination of firmographics, demographics and actions on your website or product, increases the likelihood that contacting a lead will convert. Eliminating between 30%-80% of low-potential leads, boosting team productivity
  • And since these leads have a much better fit, the sales cycle is significantly shortened, by up to 25% less time.
  • Dramatically improve the conversion of your marketing campaigns by discovering which combination of variables (such as company size, industry, country, job title) brings the best leads.

The Problem
As your business has grown, choosing the right leads gets harder

Your sales team is overwhelmed with leads, but not all are worth pursuing.
You’ve grown your team to cope with demand, yet their effectiveness is sub-optimal.
Finding the right time to engage with leads is more guesswork than strategy.

Our Solution
We help you create a lead scoring system that helps you focus on the right prospects

Sales Performance Data Analysis
We start by diving deep into your existing sales performance data. This analysis forms the foundation of our approach and helps measure your KPIs, ensuring that the end solution is tailored to your unique business dynamics.
Build your Lead Scoring Model
Leveraging the insights from your data and Graphext, we create a machine learning model. This model is designed to accurately predict which leads have a higher probability of conversion, enabling you to focus your team on high priority leads.
Rollout and Integration with Your Systems
We’ll work with you to connect all of this with your existing platforms, such as Salesforce or HubSpot. This integration ensures that the enhanced lead scoring system operates within your familiar workflow, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

How does it work?

Within a few weeks, you'll have your lead scoring model deployed and integrated with your CRM and your other systems.

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Optimize Your GTM: Pilot Our Advanced Lead Scoring Model

Ready To Get Started?

Join our early adopters and experience a boost in your revenue operations team's productivity – by as much as 5x. Here's what our early pilots are achieving:
Efficient Sales Cycle
Our system is adept at pinpointing high-priority leads, leading to a significant 30% reduction in your sales cycle.
Improved Conversion Rates
With a lead scoring system fine-tuned to identify the most promising leads and times to engage, conversion rates increase by 45%.
More Focus, Less Manual Work
We're cutting through the clutter by eliminating 80% of low-potential leads, with only a minimal 0.5% drop in conversions.

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