Market Basket Analysis

Elevate Your Sales with Intelligent Product Recommendations

Graphext equips your team to harness your transaction data, unlocking actionable insights within hours. But it solution doesn't stop at data analysis.

  • Boost Your Marketing Promotions
  • Revolutionize In-Store Product Placement
  • Elevate Sales with "Frequently Bought Together"

With Graphext, you're not just playing the game; you're leading it.

Benefits For Your Business

Boost Your Marketing Promotions
Don't let customer acquisition costs hold you back. Leverage Graphext to discover products that frequently sell together, then use this knowledge to segment your campaigns. The result? More recurring customers, easier product sell-out, and overall reduced costs.
Revolutionize In-Store Product Placement
Don't rely on guesswork. With InsightPlug, you gain a deep understanding of the real product categories drawn from your customers' purchase behavior. Utilize these insights to enhance navigation, discoverability, and engagement on your eCommerce site or in your physical store.
Elevate Sales with "Frequently Bought Together"
Skip the expense of a full data science team. With our no-code, guided data science platform, any developer can create and maintain product recommendations. This helps increase your average ticket size and makes the shopping experience more personalized for your customers.

Why Choose Graphext for Market Basket Analysis?

Expertly-crafted templates
Our expertly designed templates offer exceptional algorithms, precisely tailored to fit the nature of your data for the best results.
Superior Explainability and Quality Assurance
Our interactive UI lets you monitor and understand the product recommendations, offering transparency and full control over the system's operation.
Seamless and Flexible Integration
We ensure easy integration with your existing systems and take care of the deployment and retraining of association rules, making your experience hassle-free.

How it works?

Within a couple of weeks, you'll have your model integrated and ready for deployment.

01. Upload and Analyze Data
Provide your transaction data, select relevant variables, and let Graphext develop a tailored predictive model.
02. Integrate into your systems
Connect the model to your operational systems, enabling personalized product recommendations in your business environment.
03. Monitor and Automate
Use our interactive UI for easy oversight and control. Graphext takes care of deployment and retraining, ensuring smooth, efficient operations.

See it in Action

Within a couple of weeks, you'll have your model integrated and ready for deployment.

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15% Sales boost
Enhance your eCommerce sales by implementing personalized recommendations through MBA (Source: McKinsey).
5 - 25% Improved Customer Retention
Leverage product recommendations to boost your customer retention rates (Source: Bain & Company).
50% Increase in Average Order Value
Watch your average order value soar with effective cross-selling and up-selling strategies like "Frequently Bought Together" (Source: Forrester).