March 21, 2024

New in App Notifications

Stay informed and on top of your projects with our new In-App Notifications feature! 

This update brings a notifications center right to the hall, ensuring you never miss an important update. Here’s what’s new:

Notifications Center

  • Invitations: Get notified when you are invited to a team, so you can quickly join and start collaborating.
  • Project Sharing: Receive alerts when a project is shared with you, making it easier to stay in the loop and access shared resources promptly.
  • Execution Failures: Be immediately informed if the execution of your project fails, allowing you to address issues without delay.
  • Scheduled Recurrence Failures: Get notified if the execution of a scheduled recurrence project fails, ensuring you can take action and keep your work on track.

This new feature is designed to make collaboration more seamless and ensure you are always updated, saving you time and keeping your workflow smooth. We hope you find the In-App Notifications feature helpful and look forward to your feedback.