February 1, 2024

Streamlined Category Renaming and Merging

Dear Graphext Users,

What’s New?

Enhanced Category Renaming and Merging:

  • Direct Renaming: You can now rename categories directly within our interface. This straightforward functionality allows for quick adjustments to your dataset, ensuring that your categories accurately reflect your data.
  • Efficient Merging: When you name two categories the same, Graphext will automatically combine them into one. This is particularly useful for cleaning up datasets where the same item might be listed under different names, like various job titles (Product Manager, PM, Product Mgmt, etc…)  that essentially mean "Product Manager."

Coming soon! The Future is ✨AI-Powered:

We're not stopping here! Get ready for an upcoming feature where our AI will suggest merging similar concepts. Imagine the AI detecting and suggesting merging "Advisor" and "Adviser" or "E-mail" and "Email," helping you to further clean and organize your data efficiently.

Seamless Integration:

These new category management tools are designed to fit smoothly into your existing Graphext workflow. Renaming and merging are straightforward, quick, and won’t interrupt your data analysis.

We hope these updates make your data work more efficient and straightforward. Your feedback is always welcome as we continue to improve Graphext.

The Graphext Team 💙