December 28, 2023

Correlations 2.0

Dear Graphext users, 

We're rolling out an update to the correlations section, now called Correlations 2.0, for all our Graphext users. Here's a quick refresher on what the correlations section does: It's a handy tool within Graphext that lets you pick a variable you're interested in, and then it shows you how that variable correlates with others in your dataset, sorting the results by the highest correlation. This feature is pretty neat because it works with all kinds of variables, including categorical ones, thanks to the mutual information algorithm we use.

What's New in Version 2.0?

  • Pearson Coefficient: We've added the Pearson coefficient to our toolbox, so now you have another way to measure how variables relate to each other, especially useful for linear relationships between continuous variables.
  • More Ways to Visualize Data: Besides the bubble charts we had before, you can now use boxplots and heatmaps for a different look at the correlations in your data. These should give you more insights and make the correlations easier to understand at a glance.

Why We Made These Changes:

We wanted to give you more options and better tools to see and understand the relationships in your data. The Pearson coefficient is a classic statistical tool for a reason, and we think it's a great complement to the mutual information algorithm. As for the new visualizations, we know that a good chart can sometimes tell you more at a glance than a bunch of numbers, so we're excited to offer you more choices there.

Try It Out:

The updated correlations section is ready for you to explore. Check out the new features and see how they can help with your data analysis. We're here for any questions or feedback you might have.