November 17, 2021

Correlations Update Special Release

🎁 New Features

We've made significant improvements to Correlations! With the addition of relative mode, Correlation charts can be simpler & easier to read because they show the percentage distribution of values belonging to a variable. 

Correlations: Relative Mode

Across Graphext's UI, relative mode presents data as a proportional representation. In practise, this means you see data as a percentage distribution rather than an absolute count.

This is especially useful in Correlations charts because these use size and color to visualize the correlation between lots of values belonging to pairs of variables. With relative mode, the size and color range of bubbles in Correlations charts are restricted to a percentage distribution (either on the x or y axis). This makes it easier to spot patterns.

How can I start using it?

  • Open a project and head to the Correlations panel 
  • Choose a variable to map your correlations charts or choose.
  • Using the Relative vs Absolute dropdown - switch to Relative mode.
  • Notice how the size and color of your bubbles adjust to present a percentage distribution.