August 8, 2023

Introducing the Write-Back! Export the output of your models to any data source

Hello Graphext Users,

As promised in our last update, we are excited to roll out our new product release including the much-anticipated Write-Back functionality. Coupled with a sleek new interface, this feature aims to take ease-of-use a notch higher for all our esteemed users.

Demonstrated in the attached video, you now have the convenience to export the entirety or selected parts of your dataset to a destination of your choice, be it BigQuery, Snowflake, AWS S3, or a host of other platforms.

The Write-Back functionality, sewn together with our latest Recurrence feature, paves the way for a multidimensional user case scenario. What does this mean for you? With Graphext, you are now equipped to train a predictive model, leverage it to interpret new data, channel the output of this model back to the data source you prefer and set up a Daily Recurrence Schedule.

Effectively, this gives you the ability to oversee end-to-end processes not just in a more streamlined manner, but on an automated, recurring basis.

Stay tuned for more updates. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

With love, the Graphext team 💙