December 7, 2022

New create project & Flexible charts

Product Update: New create project & Flexible charts

Improved flow of Create New Poject and Integrations

The new navigation flow makes it easier and more intuitive to create new projects in fewer steps and in a more intuitive way. At the same time integrations are now easier to configure, manage and reuse.

More flexible charts

Allows you to use quantitative columns on the X-axis in some charts where up to now only dates could be used. Segmented Overview, Compared Segments and Share.

Sorting heatmap

The heat map can now sort the X and Y axes when they are categorical, which helps to reveal hidden patterns in the visualization.

Keeping the order configuration

We maintain the order settings in the Data you change between sessions. Now, when you share a project with your team or your clients, they will be able to see the order you have used in the table during the analysis process.