April 22, 2024

New Hall - Pin teams and projects, search omnibar and better hierarchy of information

Welcome to a fresh, streamlined Graphext experience! Our latest hall design is here, packed with enhancements to make your navigation smoother and your workflow more efficient. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Left Sidebar Enhancements
  • Introducing the New Omnibar
  • Pin Projects Within a Team
  • Improved Information Hierarchy

Left Sidebar Enhancements

  • Pin Teams: The left sidebar now allows you to pin your favorite teams for quick access, ensuring that you can easily navigate to the teams that matter most to you.
  • Full Team Names: No more guessing or truncated names—the sidebar now displays the full names of your teams, making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

Introducing the New Omnibar

  • Search Functionality: Our new omnibar allows you to search for both project and team names, streamlining your workflow and saving time.
  • In-Project Availability: The omnibar is also available inside projects, enabling you to switch from one project to another without needing to visit the hall, keeping your focus where it needs to be.
  • Quick Access Shortcut: Access the omnibar quickly using the shortcut Cmd+K on Mac and Ctrl+K on Windows.

Pin Projects Within a Team

  • Project Pinning: You can now pin specific projects within a team, giving you quick access to the projects you work on the most and ensuring a more organized workspace.

Improved Information Hierarchy

  • Sidebar Organization: The sidebar has been restructured to present information more clearly, helping you find what you need with ease.
  • Team View Clarity: We’ve refined the hierarchy of information in the team view, giving you a better understanding of the team you are in, the available integrations, and the members of the team.