June 6, 2023

New Integrations & Curated Datasets

Hi there!

We have two new exciting product updates! We now offer more ways to integrate with Graphext, including SnowflakeAmazon RedshiftDatabricksAzure SQLTinybird, and even Notion! Plus, we've curated a list of datasets that includes classics like the Titanic and NYC taxis, as well as some fun surprises (check out our latest survey on Love & Sex 😉).

Support for new integrations

Graphext now supports connections to 15 different data sources!

With the addition of Snowflake, Redshift, and Databricks, Graphext now integrates with the vast majority of modern data warehousing solutions. Currently, Snowflake represents 18.33% of the market share, while Redshift represents 17.65% and Databricks represents 8.67%.

We love Notion and wanted to take it to the next level by building a seamless integration. With Graphext + Notion, you can dive deep into Sprint Review to unlock insights about the team's performance, visualize your Second Brain, or cluster your meeting notes by topics. 

Finally, Tinybird is a data warehousing platform that specializes in providing real-time data access. By integrating it with Graphext, you can build and deploy amazing products such as recommendation systems in just a few clicks (supermarket products endpoit). We'll tell you more about this soon, but feel free to contact us if you can't wait to learn more 😉

Curated Example Datasets

Accessing new data is not always easy. For this reason, we have added the option to create projects using our curated list of sample datasets. These datasets cover various industries and focus on different use cases, allowing you to explore different types of analysis. 

No need to upload your own data or search for it yourself; our sample datasets serve as a convenient resource for experimenting with the Graphext platform.

We promise to have all your favourite classics such as the Titanic and NYC taxis, but we also promise to surprise you with fresh surveys and research that will do for fun.

Stay tuned & happy analysing!

With love, the Graphext team 💙