May 16, 2023

New Project Navigation Menu!

We've reimagined our project navigation menu! The implementation is driven by our desire to seamlessly incorporate the latest functionalities and features, while ensuring that we maintain our core essence of cleanliness and simplicity, to help you move through the platform faster and more efficiently. With the addition of customizable pinned tabs, shortcuts, and easy access to helpful sections like our Wizard, you'll be able to navigate Graphext like a pro.

What does this mean for you?

Pin your favorite sections

Now you can pin and unpin sections from the navigation menu. This feature allows you to select the most relevant sections for your analysis, reducing clutter and improving the user experience when sharing the project with others. Pinning sections helps others to know where to focus, and helps you to move faster when doing the analysis.

Easier access to the wizard

The Wizard section is now directly accessible from the navigation, making it easier to use. As you may already know, the Wizard allows you to perform various types of analysis without requiring deep technical knowledge. You can build a predictive model, apply a clustering algorithm, perform different types of text analysis, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts

We have implemented keyboard shortcuts in our product to help you navigate more easily and efficiently between sections. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly move from one section to another without having to use your mouse. In certain situations, when you need more speed and have a clear idea of what you want to do, this can save you time and make your overall experience more convenient.

Stay tuned & happy analysing!

With love, the Graphext team 💙