December 13, 2023

Introducing Scatter and Bubble Charts

Dear Graphext users!

Welcome scatter and bubble charts in Graphext 👋🏼

1. Visualize Relationships at a Glance: Say hello to Scatter Plots and Bubble Charts, offering a rapid, intuitive way to understand the connections between your variables. See correlations, trends, outliers, and clusters with a simple glance.

2. Multi-variable Mapping: Take control by mapping not just one or two, but up to four variables simultaneously! Size and color your bubbles based on these variables, unlocking deeper insights within a single visualization.

3. Dynamic Regression Insights: Watch as the regression line dynamically adapts in real-time. Whether you're adjusting categories, filtering data, or modifying variables, the regression line instantly recalculates, aiding in a deeper understanding of your dataset.

4. Instant Statistical Insights: Dive into your data's depth with instant calculations of Pearson and R-squared coefficients. Uncover the strength and direction of relationships between your variables.

5. Tailored Customization: Personalize your visualizations to fit your exact needs. From customizing tooltips to adjusting size ranges and colors, wield complete control over how your data is presented.

Welcome to the world of Scatter Plots and Bubble Charts with Graphext! 🚀