August 1, 2023

Schedule your projects to run on a recurring basis

As the warm ☀️ summer continues, so does our commitment to improve your Graphext experience. Today, we're thrilled to introduce our latest functionality: Recurring Projects.

With Recurring Projects, you can now set up your data projects to run at regular intervals, delivering fresh data from your chosen source consistently. Imagine the power of having lead scoring models or churn prediction models in production, serving up-to-date insights every day, without the need for manual intervention. 

This feature is available to all users on our PRO plan.

But hold tight, we have more in store for you. We're preparing to launch an exciting feature soon that will enable you to write back the output of your models to your preferred data source - be it your app, website, CRM, or elsewhere. If you’d like a preview, reach out and you’ll get early access to it.

We're eager to hear how you plan to use these new capabilities. Keep exploring and stay tuned for more updates! :)