February 8, 2024

Select top categories in plot and use your custom color

Dear Graphext Users,

We've Got Some Great New Features for You!

  • 🌈 Customizable Plot Colors:
  • 📊 Focus on What Matters - Top/Bottom N Categories:

🌈 Customizable Plot Colors:

Now, you can add a personal touch to your plots by choosing any color you like. This is perfect for aligning your visualizations with your company's branding or simply picking a color that fits the mood of your presentation. It's a small change, but we believe it can make a big difference in how your data is perceived and understood.

📊 Focus on What Matters - Top/Bottom N Categories:

We understand that sometimes less is more. That's why we're introducing the ability to show just the top or bottom N categories in your plots. This feature will help you create cleaner, more focused visualizations, making it easier for your audience to get the key takeaways without getting lost in the details.

We can't wait to see the amazing visualizations you'll create with these new tools. As always, we're here to listen to your feedback and make Graphext even better for you.

The Graphext Team 💙