Customers Segmentation

Optimize your marketing campaigns, improve your offline or online navigation and sell more by understanding what product are frequently bought together.

In a matter of hours any data scientist, developer or even non-technical analysts can integrate the transactional data from your eCommerce with our no-code advanced analytics solution to infer multiple association rules.

Benefits for your business

Optimize Email Promotions Campaigns
Acquiring new customers is extremely expensive. Get ideas of which products tend to sell well together. Then segment these campaigns to the right customers to increase recurrence or to sell out products with too much stock.
Optimize In-Store Product Placement
Understand which are the real product categories that emerge from your customers' purchases and behaviour to improve the navigation, discoverability and engagement of your eCommerce website or physical store.
Sell more by adding "Frequently Bought Together"
Increase the average ticket by implementing product recommendation algorithms in your shopping cart without the need to hire a team of data scientists like Amazon. Any developer can create and maintain product recommendations in a matter of hours with our no-code and guided data science platform.

Why Graphext?

Expertly-crafted templates
Ensure exceptional algorithms tailored to your data's nature. Graphext has worked for years finding the best techniques and parameters to create the best recommendation systems.
Gain explainability and Quality Assurance
Easily observe and monitor the recommendations through our interactive UI to surface and understand what are the recommendations the algorithm will present to the users. Graphext provides valuable insights to inform your product team and strategists.
Integrate seamless and flexible
Integrate seamless and flexible in the modern data stack. Easy to maintain. Graphext takes care of the deployment and retraining of these associations rules, combining in the same tool, the model development and the model deployment.

How It Works

Control and share access to your projects with your team


Integrate with your Transactional Data

We have integrations with all major modern datawarehouses and databases. You can easily send data from your Shopify, Magento, SAP... with any ETL solution like Fivetran or Airbyte

Do you want to learn more?
Our team of experts will be delighted to tell you more about it and help you assess how your business can benefit from using Graphext.
Customer Segmentation
Divide customers into groups based on similar characteristics or behaviors, enabling targeted strategies, thus boosting customer retention and profitability.
Market Basket Analysis
Retailers use market basket analysis to uncover the associations between products.
Scraping with Tractor
Tractor is a tool to scrape data from popular platforms. Use it to bluid datasets from information on Google, Twitter and facebooks Ads.
Analyzing Reviews
This guide is intended to walk you through the process of analyzing customer reviews with Graphext.