Prepare Data

When building a recipe you can aggregate data to combine points that share features into collections. Aggregation will summarise your data points around a variable.

This is especially useful when you have large sets of microdata and need to focus on identifying general trends. Note that aggregation is only possible for some types of analysis.

Analysis Types Supporting Aggregation

Google Analytics

You could aggregate individual birth rates from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to create an aggregated birth rate for the UK.

How to Aggregate Your Data?

  1. Start building a recipe using the project setup wizard.
  2. Pick a type of analysis.
  3. Choose an option from the sidebar to further indicate the type of analysis you want to conduct. The title should include 'Aggregate'.
  4. Inside the recipe wizard belonging to the type of analysis you have chosen, open the 'Aggregation' form.
  5. Select the dropdown menu inside the 'Aggregation form.
  6. Choose a variable or variables to aggregate your data.
  7. To delete a variable from the aggregation list, click the 'x' icon next to the variable name.
  8. Done ... Your data will be aggregated when you execute the project!

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